get a load of this cover!

from the current dec/jan issue of paleo magazine:


OK, I LOVE this cover. seriously. it is all about YES. the very idea of YES. a moment in life where you have done so much already. where you stand there in your own accomplishment, in your own pain, and ask yourself how much more you have in you. where you decide, from that inner knowing, what your personal next step will be, and muster the courage to go out and claim it. YES!!!  kudos to the photographer who captured this moment and to Cain Credicott and the editors at Paleo Magazine for choosing such a thoughtful and truly inspiring cover. but why should i be surprised? the entire magazine is one classy act. if you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor. it is well worth it.




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Jan 12, 2014

We love this cover too! Also love the Yes Bars… Keep up the great work!

Justin Quinn
Natural Force Rep

Justin Quinn

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