Happy Birthday, YES Bar!

we went into our first store just one year ago. today we are in over 50 stores, all along the west coast. 

we love our stores. we love our customers.

in the last year, we have gifted for the Golden Globes, been invited to Coachella, done countless festivals, and been nominated for best snack bar of 2013 by Paleo Magazine. 

we have donated thousands of bars to food banks across LA.

we have helped plant fruit trees in communities that need them.

we are planning our next round of what will hopefully be compostable packaging. 

we will be featured in NY at a really awesome location very very soon...

but at the end of the day, what really matters is that a few hundred people eat a YES bar every day. we are spreading happiness and health. 

happy birthday YES Bar. you've come a long way. 

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