See Jane say, "YES!"

Recently, we started a spotlight series called, A Yes Kind of Life, where we feature companies and individuals who are inspiring us by saying and living, “YES!”  And YES Bar lover, Jane Cox, is no exception!

Inspired by a Moth podcast about a Mormon girl who moved to New York and decided to say, "Yes" to almost everything, Jane herself decided to say, "Yes" to, well, almost everything.  Here's what Jane has been up to in just the past few weeks:

“I attended a talk about what it was like to live under Franco's rule in Spain; I learned how to make pizza in a 1902 cottage in San Juan Capistrano; I have taken up Pickleball; and just last week, I spent a day in a nudist colony and strolled naked through a cactus garden.”

You know...because that's what everyone does when they listen to a Moth podcast. :) 

Jane’s motto:  “Whenever I’m on the fence about whether or not to do something, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone."  


Jane, you inspire us!

What does Jane have to say about the YES Bar?Last year I participated in a music workshop where, on some days, I was practicing so furiously for that evening's performance that I skipped meals. Your YES Bars got me through times where I might have otherwise keeled over from hunger. Keep up the great work!”

Thanks, Jane! We are delighted to fuel your “Just Say Yes” Adventures! 

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