Ok, so today was so unexpected and FUN!!! One thing we have just not been dealing with are photos. You know, pics of the bar so you guys could really get a sense of what we are talking about here. 

Then this morning, out of nowhere, my friend Nicole offered to help us with our pics. Now Nicole is an awesome artist. A great chef, a food blogger, a mama, a singer, an interior decorator, and yes, a fantastic photographer. I mean, seriously? Yeah. It was awesome. We had so much fun styling all the pics together that I spontaneously wound up staying there all day. Even after our kids were done with school. So they just played together all afternoon, while we kept playing with her camera and my bars. 

And tonight I have already uploaded her photos and we could not be any happier!!! What a creative, fun, inspiring day. 

And just in case you are wondering if the kids had any fun while they waited for us...


Uh, yeah, they were happy. They got YES BARS!

Thank you to Nicole Patterson and her wonderful husband Toby for sharing your beautiful home and talents, and letting us all move in for the day. 

p.s. I should say, for reference, not every pic on the site is Nicole's. Some other wonderfully talented people are featured as well. :)






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