See Jane say, "YES!"

Recently, we started a spotlight series called, A Yes Kind of Life, where we feature companies and individuals who are inspiring us by saying and living, “YES!”  And YES Bar lover, Jane Cox, is no exception!

Inspired by a Moth podcast about a Mormon girl who moved to New York and decided to say, "Yes" to almost everything, Jane herself decided to say, "Yes" to, well, almost everything.  Here's what Jane has been up to in just the past few weeks:

“I attended a talk about what it was like to live under Franco's rule in Spain; I learned how to make pizza in a 1902 cottage in San Juan Capistrano; I have taken up Pickleball; and just last week, I spent a day in a nudist colony and strolled naked through a cactus garden.”

You know...because that's what everyone does when they listen to a Moth podcast. :) 

Jane’s motto:  “Whenever I’m on the fence about whether or not to do something, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone."  


Jane, you inspire us!

What does Jane have to say about the YES Bar?Last year I participated in a music workshop where, on some days, I was practicing so furiously for that evening's performance that I skipped meals. Your YES Bars got me through times where I might have otherwise keeled over from hunger. Keep up the great work!”

Thanks, Jane! We are delighted to fuel your “Just Say Yes” Adventures! 

Greg + Bikes = Inspiring

Here at the YES Bar we’re embracing the idea of “YES” as an attitude---a state of mind.  This week, we’re starting a spotlight series, featuring companies and individuals who are inspiring us by saying and living, “YES.”

Today, we chatted with one of our favorite customers, Greg Galliano, owner of Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures.  Greg guides mountain bikers through some of the most picturesque terrain in Oregon and Washington State.  Yes...that is his JOB.  Most of the trails in the area are unmarked, so to avoid having to drop breadcrumbs, it’s important to have a knowledgable navigator at the helm.  As a bonus, Greg is also a professional photographer, so he’s able to capture those YES moments---sending his riders home with mind-blowing shots from their adventures. 

In a previous life Greg was an Art Director for Mountain Bike and Bicycling magazines.  After he and his wife, Melanie Strong, purchased a home in Hood River, she proposed the idea of him turning his passion into a business.  After all, he had been leading tours for his family and friends for years.  He said, “My first “real” tour gave me $100...and bacon.  I ate the bacon, but I’ve kept that $100 on the wall as a reminder that you can get paid to do something you love.” 

Today, Greg’s company continues to grow and evolve, and we’re so thrilled The YES Bar is along for the ride!  Greg currently offers YES Bars to his riders to help fuel their journeys up and down the mountain.  Greg said, “The YES Bar was approved by my wife’s naturopath, so we know it’s clean, but I just like that it keeps me going and it tastes great.” 

The YES Bar:  Any final thoughts, Greg?

Greg Galliano:  Neither one of my parents were happy in their jobs.  They told me, “Make sure you like what you do everyday.  Then you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

Happy Birthday, YES Bar!

we went into our first store just one year ago. today we are in over 50 stores, all along the west coast. 

we love our stores. we love our customers.

in the last year, we have gifted for the Golden Globes, been invited to Coachella, done countless festivals, and been nominated for best snack bar of 2013 by Paleo Magazine. 

we have donated thousands of bars to food banks across LA.

we have helped plant fruit trees in communities that need them.

we are planning our next round of what will hopefully be compostable packaging. 

we will be featured in NY at a really awesome location very very soon...

but at the end of the day, what really matters is that a few hundred people eat a YES bar every day. we are spreading happiness and health. 

happy birthday YES Bar. you've come a long way.